Why Choose Us?

Jakob-Barnes Law Firm, LLC is here to meet your every need.  You will receive prompt, friendly, and personal service.  Bankruptcy is our primary focus. You will meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, not a legal assistant or a paralegal. You will not be passed around between attorneys.  We believe you deserve outstanding representation. We limit our case load so we can give the clients the personal attention they deserve.

We will make a unique bankruptcy plan , we are not a one size fits all bankruptcy firm.
To gain a fresh start, please call to set up an appointment at 404-255-3837.

Your First Appointment for a bankruptcy filing:

Call to make an appointment with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Bring with you proof of your recent income and a list of your creditors.  Call for more details.

If you are not aware of all your creditors, we can pull a credit report for you.

What Can Bankruptcy Do For You?

  • Stop foreclosures
  • Stop repossessions
  • Stop garnishments
  • Stop collection calls
  • Stop lawsuits
  • Relieve you of some or all of your debts
  • Reduce interest rates on personal property
  • Cram down the amount being paid back on personal property
  • Relieve Stress
  • Provide hope
  • Stop IRS levies

Call us now at 404-255-3837 to see what type of bankruptcy fits your situation.